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Learning about home and personal safety doesn’t have to be complicated. At, we simplify the search for safety products by providing people with comprehensive comparisons and easy-to-read research on the latest technologies and tools available. With over 250 years of combined experience, our experts spend countless hours compiling safety data so that you can choose security solutions confidently and decisively.

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We always strive to streamline this safety information and share our findings honestly and objectively. Our commitment is to provide you with convenient and reasonable recommendations. Let us research and recommend a home or personal safety solution for you, so you can rest assured knowing your family can sleep safe and sound.

Learning about the latest security products and trends just got a whole lot easier.

Our History

Our company launched in 2016 after both founders nearly fell victim to home burglaries. We felt vulnerable and defenseless, and we wanted our families to feel safe again. At that point, searching for home security systems online only yielded disorganized information from inexperienced enthusiasts. Of course, salespeople would stop at our doors to sell security systems, but their recommendations always seemed biased and misleading. We believed there was a better way to learn about home security trends, products, and services, so we set out to create it ourselves.

Equipped with detailed spreadsheets, product comparisons, and other insightful resources, we built a website focused on in-depth research and honest advice from security experts. We aimed to assist consumers in their search for a sensible security system for their homes, lifestyle, and budget. We utilized new technologies to originate innovative tools that make finding the right security and safety options simple. We even developed a proprietary scoring system called SecureScore™ and expanded into other safety and security categories. Overall, our vision is to become the premier source for reliable and trustworthy advice on security and safety.

A Little About Me

Hi there! My name is Travis Goodreau, and I’m the in-house home security and safety expert for

I’ve investigated some devastating break-ins and burglaries in my 15 years in law enforcement, especially during the six years I worked as a burglary detective. And I’ve seen far too many lives destroyed in the wake of these despicable crimes. Even when police recover the valuables of victims, the emotional and psychological battle has only just begun. That’s why I decided to join — to help families protect themselves and their possessions from cold-blooded criminals. As the lead security and safety advisor, I conduct fact-based research on home security products, services, and trends, as well as create useful guides and other trustworthy resources, so families like yours can easily find home security solutions. At, I apply my experience and expertise each day to fulfill my passion for keeping families safe from crime.

At The Numbers Are on Your Side


hours of research


years of combined experience


products reviewed
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Meet Our Team

Our growing team of expert advisors includes retired Burglary Detectives, Private Investigators, Security Directors, and other security professionals. Collectively, our team has 200+ years of experience in law enforcement and security, making us the most qualified panel of security experts in the industry.

When you read our research and resources, you are reading the most trusted, up-to-date, and professional advice and recommendations available.

Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective with 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist. He directly arrested and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in L.A. Travis is our lead Safety and Security Advisor, and we couldn’t be happier. Learn more about Travis here
Rob Gabriele
Managing Editor
Rob Gabriele brings 10+ years of professional writing and editing experience to He holds a Masters of Science degree with an emphasis on writing, and he’s a published author and former Producer at a USAToday network newspaper in New York. As Managing Editor of, Rob creates, edits, and publishes high-quality content that helps millions of readers every year. And he’s deeply passionate about how technology can make our homes safe and secure. When he’s not writing, you’ll find Rob hanging with his family, enjoying the outdoors, or serving at his local church. Learn more about Rob here
Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides the direction of and the resources we publish. He holds a B.A. in Business and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here
Jenny Wisneiwski
Medical Alert System Expert
As’s medical alert system expert, Jenny Wisniewski researches, tests, and reviews the best solutions to help seniors age in place. Her experience includes providing caregiving for her own Mother and regularly writing in the elder care consulting space. Jenny pays attention to the nuances in each alert system she reviews so that seniors and family members can find the best fit for their needs. In addition to elder care, Jenny also enjoys writing about travel, education, and the environment. And in her free time, she loves spending time outdoors with her family and golden doodle. Learn more about Jenny here
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Derek Prall
Video Doorbell Expert
Derek Prall has worked as a journalist, editor, and author for over a decade. His way with words, attention to detail, and understanding of what readers want to know make his reviews informative, authoritative, and downright entertaining. When he’s not tinkering with the latest video doorbell, he’s hanging out with his wife and two cats. You might also find Derek at the jiu jitsu gym or playing along to Jeopardy at home. Learn more about Derek here
Robert McKay
Safety and Security Advisor
Robert McKay is a retired Police Detective with thousands of criminal investigations under his belt. Today, he owns and operates a private investigation firm, and he lends his home security expertise as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Robert here
Gary Lawrence
Safety and Security Advisor
Gary Lawrence served 31 years with the San Diego Police Department. Police Detective and Hostage Negotiator are just two of his numerous distinguished titles. No stranger to criminal investigations, Gary handled 1,500+ burglary and theft cases during his career. We’re glad to have him on-board as a trusted Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Gary here
Jaime Fraze
Security Camera Expert
Jaime Fraze is an experienced digital editor in the tech, business and food spaces. As a wife, mother and homeowner, she understands that buying home security products can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why Jaime works to ensure that every piece of content she produces has met’s rigorous standards, and that her readers come away with the power to make better, smarter decisions.When she’s not reviewing security systems, Jaime enjoys reading, doing yoga and searching for the best doughnuts in town. Learn more about Jaime here
Kenneth J. Mahoney
Safety and Security Advisor
Kenneth J. Mahoney has 42 years of law enforcement and crisis management experience. Today, he serves as a Firefighter and Emergency Management Coordinator, as well as trusted Safety and Security Advisor for SafeHome. Kenneth brings a depth of knowledge on alarm system software. Learn more about Kenneth here
Lawrence Scottini
Safety and Security Advisor
Lawrence Scottini brings 30 years of law enforcement experience to the table. During his career, he assisted the FBI, DEA, and FAA in solving complex investigations, having handled 6,000+ cases of burglary. Lawrence knows a thing or two about home and personal security, and we are happy to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Lawrence here
Nick Breul
Safety and Security Advisor
Burglary, theft, and other crimes are all in a day’s work for Nick Breul. As a former Police Detective of 17 years, Nick served 25 years in law enforcement on the streets of Washington D.C. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Security for the National Law Enforcement Museum. We’re delighted to have Nick as a trusted Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Nick here
Ray Walker
Safety and Security Advisor
With 1,000+ burglary and theft cases and 10+ years on a SWAT team, Ray Walker is the consummate home-security expert. He retired after a successful career with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Today, Ray is a licensed Private Investigator, court expert, and a trusted Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Ray here
Patrick Conesa
Safety and Security Advisor
Patrick Conesa has 17 years of security experience and hundreds of burglary cases under his belt. With an MBA in Security Management and a B.A. in Technical Management & Security, Patrick offers that rare combination of street smarts and book smarts. Today, he runs Conesa Security Consulting, and he serves as a SafeHome Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Patrick here
Stephen Lovely
Identity Theft Specialist
Stephen is SafeHome’s trusted voice on all things Identity Theft Protection. As a specialist on the topic, he researches and writes content that keeps our readers safe. Stephen holds a B.A. in English and Political Science from Boston College. In the past, he worked as a Newswire Writer and Senior Editor at a Literary Magazine. Learn more about Stephen here
Sandy Baker
Home Security Specialist
Sandy has several years of experience reviewing and writing about home security systems. As a professional writer, she is the author of seven books on a range of topics. Sandy is also a proud mother and wife. She enjoys living a holistic lifestyle, gardening, and watching her budding-athlete son compete in sports. Learn more about Sandy here
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Tiffany Garden
Home Security Specialist
Tiffany plays a critical role as Home Security Specialist. She has an interest in smart home security systems, and her security expertise shines in the reviews and resources she writes. When not educating SafeHome readers on security solutions, Tiffany enjoys making jewelry and volunteering at her local animal shelter. Learn more about Tiffany here
Thomas Eisenbeis
Lead Engineer
A master of his craft, Thomas brings more than a decade of web development experience to the SafeHome team. He enjoys developing custom solutions and working on unique projects, and his interest in home security and home automation systems is growing by the day. Thomas earned his B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado. Learn more about Thomas here

Common Questions

Q: Do You Only Cover Home Security?

No. We started by researching home security solutions, but over the years, we’ve expanded into other important safety topics. Our goal is to provide fact-based information to help keep people safe and secure in many aspects of life. Therefore, our safety experts also research and cover smart home automation, identity theft protection services, and medical alert systems for seniors.

Q: Who Creates Your Resources?

Our safety experts and editorial team put in the rigorous research to create our resources. Then, our Lead Editor fine-tunes and fact-checks the content to ensure every piece meets our strict editorial standards. It’s a team effort from start to finish. This process gives us the checks and balances needed to remain a trusted voice on home and personal safety. Learn more about our team here.

Q: Why Aren’t There Any Advertisements?

You might have noticed that we don’t have any distracting advertisements on our site. This design is a conscious choice on our part, as we want our company to be a safe place to explore options and learn from our experts. We don’t try to sell you anything through annoying advertisements. We keep it clean and professional. However, we do keep the lights on by monetizing our site in other ways.

Q: Can I Really Trust You?

Yes, and we’ll explain why. We handpick our safety experts for their experience and authority on home security, personal security, and home automation topics. Moreover, they have to adhere to our strictly-enforced editorial guidelines. We have built-in mechanisms to ensure transparency, accuracy, and objectivity. In other words, we run a tight ship so that you can trust what you are reading.

Q: How Much Experience Do Your Experts Have?

We understand that experience matters to you, as it should. Combined, our safety experts bring 267+ years of experience in law enforcement and security to the table. Our team possesses over 10,000+ hours of rigorous research on safety topics, and we’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of products and services. It’s safe to say that we are more experienced than any other resource on safety and security.

Q: Do You Work for the Companies You Research?

Absolutely not. We don’t work for any of the companies mentioned on our site. This arrangement would undermine our mission to provide unbiased information and resources to our audience. We might earn an affiliate commission in some cases, but we are not beholden to any company, brand, product, or service to promote their offers. This approach means you always receive unbiased facts.

Q: How Do You Keep the Lights On?

We do not bombard readers with annoying advertisements. We also don’t make or sell our own products or services. There are no fees to access our research, we don’t have sponsored content, and we don’t sell third-party products directly on our site. So, how do we keep the lights on? Well, as outlined in our earnings disclosure, we do earn an affiliate commission in some instances.

Q: How Does SecureScore™ Work?

OurSecureScore™ is our proprietary system that ranks safety options on a scale of 1 to 10. For instance, a product with a SecureScore™ of 9.5 is far superior to a product with a SecureScore™ of 6 or 7. In assigning a SecureScore™, our experts take into account customer service, value, equipment, features, tech, and ease of use. Our SecureScore™ is the most accurate and objective way to rank an option, and it allows readers to see how a particular option will perform at a glance.

Q: What Topics Do You Cover?

We only research and cover topics related to home and personal safety. This coverage also includes home automation options, as these systems often interconnect with home security systems. We also conduct research and create rich resources on identity theft protection services and medical alert systems for seniors. A tight focus on safety allows us to offer the most value for readers.

Q: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Great question! We simply want people to feel more safe and secure in their everyday lives. With so many stressors in life, it’s nice to have peace of mind with the things you can control. These things include installing home security, recovering your identity if it’s stolen, keeping an aging parent safe with an alert system, and more. Our goal is to remain the most trustworthy resource for learning your safety and security options.

Q: How Big Is Your Team?

Our team currently consists of 18 safety professionals, but we are always growing. The roles include safety advisors, home security specialists, medical alert specialists, identity theft specialists, engineers, community managers, and a lead editor (that’s Andy… he’s a good guy). Our team is tightly-knit and loves to collaborate to help keep folks safe and sound. You can read more about our team here.

Q: Can I Cancel My Security Service Through You?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your security service. We only research and present your options. We’re not the provider of your service. If you want to cancel your service, you will have to contact your security company. They should be able to cancel your service and provide assistance with whatever you need. Search online for your provider’s name and call their customer service number for more information.

Q: How Can I Get in Touch?

If you want to get in touch with us, just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can mail us a letter at this address:

12130 Millennium Drive, Ste 600
Los Angeles, CA 90094.

Our readers are our #1 priority, so we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.

Q: How Can I Support Your Company?

If you think kudos are in order, we certainly won’t argue! However, we don’t accept donations, gifts, or payments. The best reward we can get is an appreciative or thoughtful comment regarding our content. If you are feeling extra kind, please share our research and resources with people you know and through social media outlets, such as FacebookandTwitter.

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